Financial Aid Policy For Internationals

<p>Okay... here's another college whose financial aid policy for internationals seems pretty threatening. Does anyone have any clue how "need-blind" exactly is Swarthmore? I mean, I don't mean that technically. I know its not need blind towards foreign students. What I meant was how much does fin aid matter in your selection... especially if you need something like 97% aid at least?</p>

<p>Look in the old forums for a discussion on this topic. Swarthmore can fund 20 international students a year. This was discussed at length there.
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<p>By the way, are you from Jamshedpur, India?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot... and yeah. <em>brightens up</em> Surprising you've heard of it. Its like this really small town... doesn't even figure on the map.</p>

<p>downtheway, I grew up in Jamshedpur and lived there about 30 years ago. I haven't been there since 1984 but no matter, I love the city. It gave me a great outlook on things, it is very cosmopolitan and I also got a great education (Sacred Heart Convent School).</p>

<p>And it does figure on the economic map of India.</p>

<p>One correction: Swat can offer financial aid to up to 20 accepted FRESHMEN each year.</p>

<p>45 of 78 international students (57%) received some financial aid last year. That's a slightly higher percentage of aid than for domestic students (50%).</p>

<p>Okay, so basically that means Swarthmore's general financial aid package isn't all that great, but they're pretty welcoming to international students. Alright... worth taking a chance on.</p>

<p>And, I studied in SHC too. Wow! Its a small world... I'm right now in Loyola, but you're right, SHC was definitely what's shaped my entire personality. And I agree with you... the town is amazing, however small it is.</p>

<p>Downtheway, I thought Loyola was for boys or has it gone co-ed now? SHC was for girls and Loyola for boys. Both run by Catholics.</p>

<p>ps - Swat's general financial aid is good. They take a lot more domestic students. I don't know exact stats as compared to other schools. Swat has a huge endowment per student and is raising money from alumni, parents and friends as well now.</p>

<p>Well, Loyola turned co-ed... I think in 1994 or near-abouts, only in the 11th and 12th grades. But, in 2000, it turned co-ed completely. I joined cuz' I needed to get a broader perspective in my senior years and for more open competition. SHC is still only for girls though.</p>

<p>Swat seems tough, but then again, so do most schools for an international student. Thanks a lot for your help.</p>