Financial Aid Portal Confusion Brown

I applied to Brown RD. For some reason, I can’t seem to find their financial aid portal. I want to make sure that they received CSS, FAFSA, and everything from IDOC. Does anyone know how to check if financial aid documents were received for Brown?

There is a link to Banner in the portal. Under Student Requirements you should be able to see if Brown Hs received the docs. You may need to enter aid year 2021-2022.

That is really strange. I just read that prospective students can access via the application portal, but it does not mention financial aid anywhere or contain a link. Maybe they will update the portal to include the link to Banner at a later date.

In my son’s portal it has information and a clickable Banner link to aid info under upload materials option.

To view your Financial Aid application status, please visit Banner Self-Service If you have trouble logging in, please contact the IT Service Center at [(401) 863-4357](tel:(401) 863-4357). Office hours ​can be found here.

Thank you for sharing that! I must have missed it