financial aid question

<p>admissions wise, does pomona prefer students who dont apply to financial aid?</p>

<p>i checked the box that i would but i didnt apply for financial aid.....
so there's a discrepancy in my application</p>

<p>what shall i do?</p>

<p>if it benefits me then i dont wanna apply for finanacial aid</p>

<p>when pomona received my app 2 they replied by saying</p>

<p>"Please notify our office in writing if any information submitted on Part One of
the application should change."</p>

<p>does this mean that i should write them an email or i actually have to mail them?</p>

<p>is pomona need-blind for financial aid?</p>

<p>Pomona is definitely need blind re: admissions. Can't see where it would hurt you though to advise them of what is now the correct info. </p>

<p>However, You might want to keep in mind that they are very generous with aid and you never know what you might qualify for.</p>

<p>its too late for me to apply for FA
deadline for ED1 is nov. 15</p>

<p>bump my above messages.</p>

<p>When the decision letters get mailed, you can always contact Financial Aid and let them know if your status has changed. You may not be awarded any aid, but on the other hand, you might receive some aid depending on your need.</p>

<p>so should i email the admissions office and say that i want to make a change in my application?</p>

<p>i said i would apply for FA but i cant anymore since the deadline passed......</p>

<p>You're in a quandary here. From what's been posted, ED results seem to favor those who don't necessarily need financial aid, so notifying Pomona that you would need finaid could affect the admissions decision. On the other hand, you could wait until the decision comes out and then go from there.</p>

<p>If you had checked off the box saying that you didn't need to apply for finaid and then discovered that you'll need it, then you need to have a serious reason as to why you later realized you would need finaid, e.g., income-earning parent gets laid off. If it were just an oversight on your part, that's a different story.</p>


<p>its quite the opposite
i checked off the box saying i need FA and know i dont need it
should i just write them a letter saynig that i need to change that?</p>

<p>how do you think this will change my chances?</p>

<p>It could very well improve your chances.</p>

<p>"From what's been posted, ED results seem to favor those who don't necessarily need financial aid"</p>

<p>I thought Pomona was need-blind, though?</p>

<p>This is making me nervous!</p>

<p>From the Pomona website:
"Pomona College is one of a handful of institutions in the nation committed to both need-blind admissions and to scholarships and financial aid that meet 100 percent of the demonstrated need of every admitted enrolling student. These policies enable Pomona to choose its students solely on the basis of educational considerations such as talent, promise and ability to contribute to the campus community while removing cost as a barrier to a first class educational opportunity."</p>

<p>Note that admission is based "solely on the basis of educational considerations," NOT on financial need... that is the definition of "need-blind admissions."</p>

but would it look bad if i checked "yes" for FA and i didnt apply for it?</p>

<p>Need-blind admissions means IT DOES NOT MATTER whether you applied for financial aid or not... it does NOT come into play in the admissions decisions.</p>

<p>hi, i'm a pomona freshman so i thought i would give my input. your financial status has absolutely no bearing on your admission decision. i'm dirt poor, and they still took me! and i know some people who applied early and needed a lot of money and got it. after all, pomona has over a billion dollar endowment...they best be sharin' the love!</p>

<p>Do a search for need blind on here, Pomona may be different but most need blind schools do consider it especially if two students are equal elsewise. A rep from a different need-blind school confirmed this but again we needed aid at Pomona and their finaid office is wonderful, they still took my son and I only have great things to say about them BUT if you do not need the money, I would let them know in case,I wouldn't personally take the risk of it being a small factor in your favor.</p>

<p>My previous comment was not made about Pomona specifically. If you look at what's been posted and published about ED, when it comes down to choosing between equally qualified candidates, some schools will favor those who can pay full freight. As other posters have attested, Pomona is need-blind and, as such, should not be factoring an applicant's ability to pay into the admissions equation. But, as arizonamom says, why take the risk.</p>