Financial aid question

<p>Hey guys, the application gave two addresses for financial aid forms to be sent</p>

<p>one to
212 hamilton hall (this was on the instruction sheet)</p>

<p>and another one to 100 Hamilton Hall (this was on the application itself)</p>

<p>Which one did you guys send to? Both of their addresses was the Office of Financial aid and Educational Financing blah blah</p>

<p>Maybe of the address difference, there is a delay with processing the documents?</p>

<p>HMMMMMM rp, thats a really good question...i think it's suppose to be the 212 hamilton hall, but i think i did send part of finaid to the 100 Ham address ....either way i think it'll ultimately be fine (though sending it to one of them may result in a delay) because i sent to both - and it shows they've received it on the tracker online.</p>

<p>glory, when did you send it?</p>

<p>i sent mine on november 1st exactly, and i priority mailed it to 212 Hamilton Hall. and still nothing on the site</p>

<p>LOL, you must practice patience then my friend, for I sent mine out 10/20.</p>

<p>i also sent my non-filers statement to 100 Hamilton and they did receive it in the end.</p>

<p>soulofheaven8, what's a non-filer's statement?</p>

<p>it's a form for those who did not file a tax return, to certify their non-filing status. Don't worry about that for now, it's not due until march or something</p>