Financial Aid Questions

<p>I recently received a letter from A&M regarding how much financial aid I will be receiving. I was confused as to how it works. When I called them, they told me that I am only responsible for paying the "Tuition and Fees" portion of my total cost, and that at the end of each semester, I will be refunded, and then I can use that refunded money for rooming, books, supplies, etc. Can someone explain this process to me? Thanks!</p>

<p>the financial aid will go into your TAMU account. Your tuition and fees will be subtracted from your financial aid. If there is any left over, it will be refunded to you via direct deposit - if you set it up that way - or they will send you a check, which will take much longer. Someowhere on howdy there is an area for you to set up how you want your refund.</p>

<p>hmm, i have a question to the both of you. How will transfer students be awarded aid? I have already been awarded at my school from last semester but I can still cancel it if I get in.. so will TAMU like just move all my govt funded aide so I can use it at A&M? or will i just lose out on my aide?</p>

<p>I'm sorry but I still don't understand anything about this whole financial aid matter. Can someone please explain it to me? Sorry/thanks!</p>

<p>well best thing to do is call back on Monday and get them to clarify what they said... ask them how do you go about getting or using you award letter and when will u receive your award...make sure you fully understand what they mean before you hang up.. i think i will call and ask them my questions as well.</p>

<p>Tamu office of financial aide.. (979) 845-3236
---be ready to be put on hold though</p>

<p>OOOHHH!!! just reread your question... what they might be saying.. and I do mean MIGHT.. is that the only thing you are responsible for paying to be considered a student is your tuition and fees.. (but with financial aide if they know you have it, then they will take the funds from there..even if it says pending or what ever) then comes housing if you live on campus.. if not you will get a refund check of any aid of yours thats left and this will be your refund check to pay for apartments, books, supplies etc... but still call tamu to get a definite answer to your situation.</p>