Financial Aid Received

My son is accepted in honor program. Financial Aid is FA $38,000 per year. Is it above average?

Are you asking about merit or need-based aid, or both? It appears that merit aid tops out around $24,000/year (maybe more with specialized awards/scholarships). Financial aid will depend on your demonstrated need. So students with no need will get no FA. Other students will get varying amounts of financial aid in addition to merit.

U Dayton outlines a 4-year financial package with merit adjusting to cover tuition increases (so you pay the same net tuition for 4 years). Over 4 years, they met our FAFSA EFC (with a combination of merit and FA) which was a pleasant surprise.

All that’s relevant is whether that $38,000/year makes the school affordable for your family–not whether it’s above average. Students with greater need will likely get more generous packages; those with less need will get less.

@LuckyCharms913 Thanks! My FASA EFC is $27,000

So with tuition, room and board around $55,000, that’s a great package. Congratulations!

@LuckyCharms913 Thanks!