Financial aid requesting more info?


My son applied ED1 and last week, got a request for more specific info about financial aid stuff - W2s, taxes, clarification about CSS vs Taxes stuff. I know Tufts is need aware and am wondering if others have gotten these communications? Concerned this means he will be ruled out bc of their need aware policy.

I don’t know if others have received these requests, but do send Tufts the information they need ASAP. It’s likely they are at the point where they are shaping the class, and deciding which of the students with financial need they are willing to invest in, given Tufts’ FA budget.

Good luck.

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Yes, we did send the info in ASAP. I’d read elsewhere that sometimes such emails are a positive indication about admission, but with a need aware policy, I’m more concerned about it being the opposite!

It does not mean you are out of the running. They request this info of everyone in IDOC. maybe something was missing. The FA department is separate from admissions as far as asking for more info.

BTW Tufts was my most generous school. Good Luck!

Hmmm … I dunno. This was a pretty specific request by email from someone in financial aid. They were definately digging deeper and I’m worried that as they find need, they’ll deny admission if he was on the edge bc of their need aware policy. But who knows! We find out tomorrow!

To make you feel better. Last year 3 colleges asked me for that and I was accepted to all three. Maybe they want to get your need right to give you the best offer.

That would be nice! Crossing fingers! Not much longer to wait!

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You were right. My son got accepted. :slight_smile:

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I just came here to check back!! Awesome news…congratulations. Such a great feeling!!

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