Financial aid ROTC policy

<p>According to HR 1777, ROTC scholarships cannot be included in Estimated Financial Aid (EFA). My son just received his financial aid award letter, and it lists the sources for his financial aid to be</p>

<p>Pell Matching Grant - 5,500
Federal Perkins Loan - 3,748
ROTC Scholarship - 39,212
Federal Pell Grant - 5,550
Total - 54,010</p>

<p>With the piece of information above, are they allowed to factor in the ROTC scholarship as a source?</p>

<p>Here is the link to the HR 1777 that Obama signed in July of 2009:
HEAG</a> Higher Education & Financial Aid Blog Blog Archive Guidance on Federal Veterans? Education Benefits for Purposes of the Title IV Student Assistance Programs</p>