Financial Aid/Scholarship Question

<p>Financial Aid Question?? I will be an out-of-state student (Texas) from an upper-middle class family, SAT 2020, GPA 4.0, rank 115 out of 750 (although I think this has improved) from a good public high school. I will have taken 6 AP classes by the time I graduate. I have been a varsity cheerleader for two years and I have worked as a gymnastics coach throughout high school, as well as being involved in a couple of clubs. I plan to major in nursing. Any chance at some decent financial aid?</p>

<p>Mercer has initial scholarships, and if you make at least a 1300 on your math/verbal SAT and have a 4.0, you automatically get $20,000 a year, I think. You should look at their website; it's on there.</p>