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So I am a U.S citizen who graduated high school outside the usa and i am planning to return back to America after 5 years and I am planning on attending online college due to circumstances and I was wondering what kinds of scholarships should I apply . I also see on many websites international students are available should I apply for that instead I really dont know what to do ?

If you are a U.S citizen, you are NOT an international student. You are a citizen.

Is there some reason why you feel you must attend an online college? Really, attending a community college in person might be a better choice, and less costly. Will your family be moving to the U.S. with you? If so, I would suggest researching the community college options near where they will be living.

On your other thread, you were looking at a for profit online college. Please look at other options…they might be better.

In terms of scholarships, really the best ones are awarded by colleges directly. If you have sufficiently high GPA and SAT or ACT score, you might qualify for merit aid that could cover some costs.

How much can your family contribute to your college costs per year?

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I am actually looking for community colleges here but they are quite expensive my parents are unable to move to usa so I do have to take things online unfortunately :confused:

You will be considered out of state if you apply to community colleges…never mind…you will also have living expenses.

I still am not sure you are spending your money wisely doing solely online college. Perhaps others will comment.

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Check out Eastern University’s Online Undergraduate LifeFlex programs. Eastern is a private, non-profit school with a brick and mortar campus, but also offers online degrees. Cost would be at most $7500 a year. Since you are a US citizen, you would be eligible to file the FAFSA, which could very well reduce this cost. (I tried to post a link but wasn’t successful; you can google it).

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How old are you?
An online college will just offer courses- Nothing that a brick&mortar college also offers, chiefly community/networking. Then you have internship and career services, which are also almost necessary.
What would you major in?
What’s your parents’ income and your academic profile?
If you’re a good student, as a US citizen, you can apply to a "meet need"college that will provide a scholarship covering most of the cost; you’d live on campus there. Can you tell us your GPA, advanxed courses taken, etc?