Financial Aid - Separated Parents

<p>I absolutely love Rice, but right now it's looking like there's no way I'll be able to get the money I need to go there. My parents are getting divorced and my dad makes almost 300k. My mom doesn't make anything. My mom will get full custody of me, but so far every top-tier school I've looked at considers both parents' income. </p>

<p>My dad will not pay for me to go to college. He's behind on his own student loans from medical school, our house was almost foreclosed, he barely sends my mom enough money for bills and groceries as it is. I'm not entirely sure of the whole situation, but he basically can't manage his own finances, let alone keep up with paying for my tuition.</p>

<p>If my mom and I contact the Financial Aid office, is there any chance they would work with us? I've heard of people in similar situations not getting any financial aid even when it was explained that the second parent wouldn't pay for the student. I didn't see any information about it on the website, so I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with stuff like this before I contacted Financial Aid. Rice is my top choice and I'm hoping I'll somehow get merit aid, but even I can't justify taking out tons of loans when I could attend other schools for free.</p>


<p>I am in a slightly similar situation. I called Rice and they are sending some type of waiver. They said to fill it out and they would contact us about financial aid.</p>

<p>You should definitely contact them. They will be able to advise you best on your options.</p>