Financial Aid - Sophmore Year

<p>My son is a college freshman. Last year at this time I was busy doing Profile. So I started to wonder when I'd need to start the financial for year 2. I checked the college's website and found that though they require both FAFSA & Profile for incoming students but Profile is not required for continuing students. ??? Does this mean that my son's non-custodial parent is off the hook after year one? Or will they just look at the non-custodial parent's income tax returns?(the website is unclear - it does say that parent's income tax returns will be required - but it doesn't specifically address non-custodial parents.) Just curious at this point as to what other's experience is beyond the first year of financial aid. Thanks.</p>

<p>DD's college also requires the Profile for incoming freshmen but not for renewals....just the FAFSA for that. DS's college also required the Profile for incoming freshman and not for returning students UNLESS your financial situation was dramatically changing. We did it for this year because we were going to have two students in college. At DS's school, for merit aid, there are NO forms required for renewal. We did the FAFSA for the Stafford loans. varies from place to place. The best news is that these forms for renewal are typically due MUCH later than for incoming freshmen so you may not have to scurry around like you did last year. BUT....CHECK YOUR DEADLINES...those also vary wildly.</p>

<p>Thanks, thumper. It was such a surprise to find I don't have to do Profile again!</p>



<p>I agree. It was a pleasant surprise for me to! At this point, I NEVER have to complete...and PAY FOR the Profile again.Woohoo.</p>