Financial Aid Spring 2012

<p>I have recently decided to attend Kansas State spring 2012. I graduated high school this last May but am taking the semester off to accumulate funds and get my head straight. I filled out the FAFSA a couple weeks ago for it, but then started looking at some deadlines for the 2011-2012 school year. Some of them are back in April and March! Did I blow my chance with getting aid for this next spring!?!? Please help!!!</p>

<p>Schools often have 2 deadlines for aid and scholarships - one for students starting in the fall and one for students starting in the spring. However certain limited fund programs (such as SEOG and WS) may have no funds left by this time, and some scholarships may only be available to fall entrants.</p>

<p>Ok, this makes sense. I guess I'll check with KStates financial aid office tomorrow. And yeah, Im only getting the Pell grant and stafford loan anyways.</p>