Financial Aid @ UC Berkeley's

<p>I've been told that UC Berkeley gives a meager amount of financial aid. Is this true?</p>

<p>The UC's in general tend to rely heavily on loans in their financial aid packages. If you're out of state, this is even more true.</p>

<p>Of the nine schools that #1 applied to and the eight schools that #2 applied to the UC's overall were the least generous with financial aid. All but one of the privates came in under the cost of a UC because they gave pretty much all need in grant or large merit scholarships. The UC's offered parent loans and subsidized loans. One UC for #1 offered her a regents 'tuition' scholarship for four years (free except housing), though and one UC offered #2 a couple thousand for an merit art scholarship. </p>

<p>My #1 applied to and was accepted at UC Berkeley. Our EFC was about 18K. She was offered no money at all and a parent loan for us. I think NOT! LOL . She chose one of the privates and will have no loans at the end of school. </p>

<p>The UC's are reasonable in their fees 5-6K a year only, but expensive in their housing/books 8-12K for housing/food. They end up around 18-20K for in state living on campus with food and books and everything and 6K or so a year living off campus (but living around Berkeley is not cheap).</p>

<p>And, yes, you are right. For most students (except a VERY select few at the top)the only aid you will get is loans and workstudy.</p>