Financial Aid Verification Request

<p>S received a verification request from fin aid office. He has yet to receive an acceptance letter from this school. This is his first choice school; don't want to get his hopes up..but does anyone know if all students get such requests or only students who they are accepting?

<p>It varies from school to school--just do the paperwork Right Away and hope for the best! Most schools do not do financial aid packaging unless students are accepted, but.....YMMV. Also, was student selected for verification on the FAFSA SAR? It's a PESKY little asterisk next to the EFC. If you were selected, you will need to do verification for each school where applications went in--some are generic verifications, some customized by the school, in any case may as well send them all off. They can usually be found on the website of the school.</p>

<p>My son got one of those and we were not selected via fafsa for verification (they led me to believe that we were). I inquired further. It turns out that this school verifies everyone who originally used estimates and checked off "will file". My son was already accepted though.</p>

<p>Many schools send that form automatically, regardless, yes, as they verify everybody! </p>

<p>We have also dealt with schools that tell you they will ASK you to send it & it is on their website in pdf form. So with those schools if they ask you for that form, chances are you have been accepted. </p>

<p>Every school has their own method on verification. I suppose it saves the FA office time if they verify everybody ahead of time as they don't know who has been accepted.</p>

<p>You don't have to be selected by FAFSA to be selected by the school. And you can be not selected by the school even if you were selected by FAFSA. (we have had both scenarios). It is up to the school how they decide who to select. They just have to verify at least 30%. (some select more - my son's school verifies 100% of applicants).</p>