Financial Aid + Withdrawal AND TRANSFER 2005

<p>Goodness ! I haven't posted in months after everything was settled with dearest D so happy at local State college . Well, she wants to TRANSFER to another college in the state and go to college away from home . Questions :1) The college she wants to transfer to was one that she was accepted at in April 2004 and sent her a financial aid award letter ; I know she can't take the financial aid she received at the local college but what will they do ?? Dig up her April 2004 financial aid award and apply it to January 2005 ??? Or does she reapply to FAFSA again just for the January 2005 semester ? </p>

<p>2) She is applying as a Freshmen because she missed a month of school due to working too much. She may withdraw. If she withdraws from the local college that gave her aid , she realizes that she have to pay them back and is ready to do so BUT will it jeoparize her chance of Federal aid in the future ?</p>