Financial aid?

<p>How is the financial aid like at Northeastern University? Is it worth applying to as a student from a low income family?</p>

<p>Most people describe NEU as stingy when it comes to financial aid. But they are a private school and it is possible to receive a lot, I think. It's better if you apply EA and file all your FAFSA and CSS Profile stuff early. Still, the school is about $54,000 a year including all the extra fees so even with the financial aid reductions it can still end up amounting to a lot coming out of your pocket.</p>

<p>If you have good stats, the merit aid is excellent. My D got a $20,000 per YEAR Dean's scholarship. But the rest of the aid was meager--$8,000 per year which included about $6500 in loans (rest is work/study).</p>

<p>If you have very good stats (in the top 25% of applicants) AND come from a low income family, you may get an excellent merit scholarship plus need based grants that would make Northeastern affordable. The need based grants would include Pell grants, state grants and Northeastern's own need based grants,</p>

<p>You will never know unless you apply!</p>

<p>i got accepted, coming from a $40k income/yr home, with $8k/yr deans salary, totalling to $37k in aid, grants, and scholarships/ yr</p>

<p>I'd definitely say it's worth an attempt. I applied to NU as a safety and got $13,000 per year through my Dean's Scholarship. Together with the rest of my aid it amounts to $42,000 for the first year, which is enough for all of tuition plus part of room/board. You never know, especially if your stats are good. Also, I'm hearing that the majority of co-ops are paid, especially since I'm majoring in international business. There's definitely a possibility I'll at least break even on living expenses. Good luck!</p>

<p>calsccr9, why NU as a safety? I thought it was a pretty good school (aka very selective)</p>

<p>It's nothing against NU, I just wasn't aware it was so selective I guess. Everyone kept telling me it's a really good school, but in comparison to some of the other schools where I applied I considered it a safety.</p>

<p>I think a lot of people just figure Northeastern is a safety because they don't know too much about it. When I applied (three years ago), I kind of figured it was around University of Florida's standards, and I was 100% certain I'd get in there (my SAT score was above their mark for honors), so I just assumed Northeastern was a safety. But nowadays, people get waitlisted with higher gpas than what I had.</p>

<p>I agree. I'm going for a visit soon, but my biggest hurdle before I make a decision is whether or not the school has earned respect. I personally find it important to choose a prestigious school, and I'm just trying to figure out where NU falls in comparison to some of the others where I've been acceptances.</p>

<p>"I personally find it important to choose a prestigious school"</p>

<p>Yuck, the one thing I hate.</p>

<p>although prestige is certainly important, it is also important to factor in things such as "do I like the campus? can i spent the next 6 years of my life here?" and location location location. Northeastern is certainly gaining prestige with each coming year, if that's what you're worried about. The school has certainly made significant strives in recognition as a top-tier school. I found a graph somewhere around here on the selectivity of the school, but I can't find it anymore. it's certainly getting more selective every year, though.</p>

<p>Sorry guys, that's how I feel. If I'm going to pay the price of a top-tier school I want to be sure it is such. I'm not saying NU isn't, that's what I don't know. That said, I'm not bashing. I'm actually really considering. I know it sounds really shallow but let's face it, the world is a shallow place.</p>

<p>certainly wish it would cost less $$$ to go there...</p>

<p>they gave me a lot of aid! 26,600 a year + grants so it was like 42k overall and it costs 51k.. so i pay 8.5k and get 7.5 loan...</p>

<p>Where can I see my financial aid? I am on myNEU account and when I click Financial Aid it just says the documents they have received..</p>

<p>On your Applicant Link page (where you check admissions).</p>

I know it sounds really shallow but let's face it, the world is a shallow place.


<p>LOL logic fail.</p>

<p>I click My Financial Aid Status and all I see is Home, Documents, Messages, & Forms. But no Financial Aid awards anywhere.</p>

<p>Go where you used to check to see if they got all your application materials.</p>