Financial Aid


I was recently accepted to Stanford university class of 2021! I just finished my financial aid forms: FAFSA, CSS, and IDOC, and I was wondering if there was any way to confirm with Stanford if they received these forms. I was also wondering when I would receive my award letter and how accurate the Stanford financial aid net price estimator is? The net price estimator said it would have my family only pay 16000 every year, my family has a net income at about 95000, does this sound about right?


Sounds like you are getting free tuition and only covering room/board/books/fees/travel/personal expenses. Good deal!

@Stanford2021 Question for you. When did you receive an email from the College Board to submit tax docs through IDOC? I am thinking of submitting CSS and FAPSA to Stanford even though I might not receive any financial aid.

U receive an email to submit IDOC shortly after u submit CSS. Stanford has generous financial aid so I encourage u to submit