Financial aid

Hi, was just wondering if my financial aid package is good? I got yesterday on LionPATH, and I got some scholarships from Psu and grants equaling to 20,000. Is that common? I heard they were stingy with their financial aid, and was just trying to figure out their statistics.

That is very very good. I’d take it and run!

we got 5K. 20K is awesome!

Thank you! I’m still trying to figure out what a chancellor award and 4yr 4K prov award is…i am assuming provost award?

Hi forgive me asking this question, we got NOTHING. Where your scores high? The financial aid person wouldn’t tell me (the mom) anything. The offered my daughter a secure loan and unsecure loan for a total of $5,500 no merit scholarship of any kind. I’ve never heard such a thing. The other schools she applied for overed her $28,000 - $38,000 a year…Both private colleges. Some smaller schools offered less.

@Anxious56 Not unheard of at PSU at all. You cannot compare Penn State to smaller private schools. Penn State gives VERY LITTLE merit aid and they are pretty up front about this from the get go - and we talk about it all of the time here. I only tell you this so you feel a little better - it’s not your daughter. It’s Penn State. They just don’t give a lot of money.

Good for you. Serious question though…are you literally dirt poor?

I ask this because I’m a junior at Penn State with a family-contribution ability of basically nothing, and I have received almost NO aid so far in 3 YEARS. Mostly just federal loans, and I’ve even had to take out private loans to cover remaining costs.

I chose Penn State because it seemed to be the most affordable option for me, but I still have struggled through the finances so far.

No I am not “dirt poor.” Hahaha. I live a comfortable lifestyle. No one will ever know how they hand out the scholarships. It’s all a mystery! I’m just glad I received and I put my deposit down and will be attending in the fall

Good answer to a kinda rude question. :smiley:

How do I get an access account? I’ve got an email saying my aid is available but no account creation link

@000fff You should have one from when you applied. Your username looks like abc1234 – three letters, probably having something to do with your initials, and usually four numbers.

Yep I logged in with that and it says

“WebAccess: Access Account Required
The website you are attempting to reach is only accessible by using a Penn State Access Account. However, the user ID and password combination you are using is for a Friends of Penn State (FPS) account.”

Have you accepted your offer already?

There’s a link and a couple of phone numbers for help on this page: