Financial Aid

Hi everybody and congratulations to all of those that have been accepted. I have just received my financial aid package from Boston and it’s a rather disappointing $6,000 in loans and work study. Having browsed the forms a bit, this package seems to be identical to what many others have received despite having different financial circumstances and EFC’s. Also, my family isn’t really capable of forking out $65,000 a year, so this seems to be a rather insufficient package from a school that is 100% demonstrated need met. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else received the exact same package and whether or not this is final? Thanks

My package was different (more generous) however I do plan to appeal (for reasons related to changing circumstances). Boston College seems to have a rather unique method for distributing financial aid which takes factors like family size and assets into great than typical account. I plan to visit the campus in person and appeal my decision which I have heard gives you better odds of a favorable appeal decision. Hope some of this information helps!

@markjav1 we also received a package of just loans.
And a surprise cost of attendance estimate for 2017-2018 of $71,000!! not the $65,000 that is on the website for 2016-2017 year.

They actually increase the tuition every year by about 3%. It costs a lot and they dont give out a lot of financial aid usually. I recommend someplace else maybe if you cannot afford it. It ranked 49th on the Forbes best colleges of 2017 btw.