Financial Aid?

I’d like to apply to private high school but because of the cost my parents don’t believe it’s possible. Our household income is about $385,000 a year, so I highly doubt I’d be able to qualify for financial aid. I’m also unsure about my ability to get any kind of merit scholarship (and many schools don’t have merit scholarships anyway). I’m very new to this though, so I’d make to make sure I cover all my bases, because I definitely won’t be able to leave my public high school if I have to pay a full or even just majority tuition. Would I qualify for any financial aid, and if so, how much?

I don’t really know anything about financial aid since my parents are filling out the form, but I thought I would link a couple of financial aid estimators for you to try out:


Hope this helps!

Great links. Good idea to keep these handy, this question comes up a lot.

Yes they help, thanks @mondaydevil!

From your new (redundant) thread:

@stalecookies heh, yeah, sorry, it’s a bit redundant, I just posted that after I realized from here I definitely don’t qualify for financial aid.

Many of the responders on Fin aid threads have mentioned “packages” Does the letter show for one year or possible some letters offer awards, $x, per year until graduation? It would be helpful obviously to know if a certain amount was guaranteed, awarded for each year to budget out life, and other siblings. Esp with covid, finances are unpredictable. Insight on this?

You have to apply for FA every year, and the package will differ year to year based on the changes (if any) of your financial situation. The only amount guaranteed is the first year.

The amount may increase, decrease or completely vanish following years if your situation changes drastically.

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I would like to get it as well.