Financial Aid

<p>hello there,
i'm in a deep dilemma here. i want to apply as an early decision candidate at johnshopkins university. i got a 1380 Sat 1(math:760, verbal:620). now i'm off to give SAT2 biology molecular and writing. i already have a 740 in math 2c. i have an average of 93 at my high school and have given the Alevels in which i've recieved pretty good grades as well. Do i stand a chance of going to Johns Hopkins University with financial aid if iam international?</p>

<p>Do you know what exactly the schools policy is regarding Financial aid to internationals? no one can really answer this for you because we don't know what your rinancial aid situation is nor do we know how JHU does FA for internationals</p>

<p>well to tell you the truth i can only pay about $5000 a year and that only if i know the university is worth going to</p>

<p>well ya know room and board cost more than that for instate students or were you counting rm & bd/</p>

<p>i am counting room and board. i wanted to know if i stand a chance of getting in with aid.</p>