Financial Aid

<p>OK, so I checked out my Financial Aid package today on the web to see if it had changed at all. It said that there was a Web Refresh on 4/22/05 (today), yet my package remained the same. There was a column that said what I would be receiving, and then there was a column that said what I previously received. They both say the same thing. Does this mean that all I'm going to get is that Unsubsizdized loan? I hope it means that they are still reviewing my documents to determine what I should receive n financial aid.</p>

<p>FYI: I'm an incoming freshman with an EFC of 05174.</p>

<p>If your documents are up, I think that generally mean that's all your least that has always been my experience. But with a EFC of 50174 (which is what I think you meant to write) that should have been expected.</p>

<p>Actually, I meant 05174, or $5,174. Kinda low, eh?</p>

<p>Are we able to ask for more money, or negotiate with the fin aid department. My parents are looking at the numbers and cannot come up with it.</p>

<p>magicdude198, when did you send in all your required documents. If you sent them in late, this may be all they have to offer.</p>

<p>Yes, you can ask for more money if you made all the deadlines. Get on the phone today, though, its getting kinda late in the game.</p>

<p>To MagicDude, I assumer 50 thou because you wrote it with that extra 0 firrst. Sorry! ;-) That does seem a little low amount of aid for that, but sometimes other things play into it-like do your parents own a lot of property? Did you say you planned on working a lot (and therefore making a lot) because that could affect it. Still, that seems low, though if it shows all your documents are in, I think they may have already reviewed might want to call them.</p>