Financial Award Question

<p>I've been admitted to the M.A.Ed program at Washington University in St. Louis. I received information in the mail about financial support and I have a question about a fellowship award that I received. The letter states that stipend checks (which I assume also refers to fellowships) are issued on the last working day of each month. So would this mean that since the award period (August 16-May 15) is ten months in length that my award will be divided in ten and I'll receive 1/10 of my fellowship every month? Thanks.</p>

<p>This may or may not be the case; you'll have to ask the Graduate School (not your department).</p>

<p>For instance, it could be the case that your first and last stipend payments will be half of the usual amount. It could also be the case that your student fees and health insurance costs are taken in their ENTIRETY out of your first stipend payment. </p>

<p>Every institution handles this differently. You've got to ask.</p>