Financial Eligibility Question Class of 2016 Please Help

I know to receive the Gates Millenium Scholarship you have to qualify for Pell Grant. My mother has an income of about
60k. My father does not work. My brother is in college now, but will be graduating in December 2015. My parents have taken out ParentPlus loans for him to attend college, and they will be paying them back for a while. I used the FAFSA4caster, and it said I would receive $0 for federal Pell grant. My brother will have graduated by the time I am filing out the FAFSA, so I only put down 1 student in college. But when I ran the FAFSA4Caster again and put 2 students in college, I qualified for Pell grant. Will the FAFSA take into account the fact that my parents are paying student loans. And considering all of this, do you think I should still apply for the Gates Millennium Scholarship? I don’t want to apply and miss out on it just because of my financial situation. I would really appreciate your advice.

No, the FAFSA doesn’t take into account there are Parent Plus loans. If you don’t qualify for Pell you cannot receive the GMS.