Financial Life Skill Reading for Recent College Grad

<p>My recent grad son is reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." This is the first time he is taking an interest in the subject of money, how you get it, and what you do with it. Are there important books on the subject of money and personal money management that he should be reading as he starts planning his adult life.</p>

<p>Rich Dad, Poor Dad may be an enjoyable read but I'd suggest reading up on the author - the book is known for quite a few embellishments on his personal life.</p>

<p>I think that Bob Brinker's website has a good reading list of basic financial management books that are fairly broad. I'd also suggest a book in introductory finance (college course textbook) to learn how assets are valued.</p>

<p>I enjoyed "Millionaire Next Door" and gave it to my HS graduate. It emphasizes living below your means and attacks the social ill, "all hat, no cattle."</p>