Financial offer letter.....

<p>Does anyone know the exact deadline for accepting the financial offer letter?? I'm really worried that it might already be too late to accept the offer....</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for any help. ;)</p>

<p>You can modify it. As of now, they're still open and will most likely remain open until the academic year starts. This is due to the fact that people are still receiving financial aid from scholarships and trust funds, etc. Cal wants you to state these awards so that its FinAid office adjusts your offer accordingly.</p>

<p>I had to borrow around $11k a year with my offer. Then, I got 2 scholarships adding up to $10k. Thus, I no longer need the 20 loans they offered, the work study, and they even lowered their own grants. </p>

<p>So, no. Your financial aid offer is not canceled due to lack of adjustment. Oh, and you really don't "accept" the offer. What you really accept are the loans, if you have any. Go back to your financial aid offer. Take a look at the Accept/Decline link. If you notice, you already "accepted" most of the grants (Cal, Pell, if applicable) and scholarships provided by Berkeley and the state, fed governments. But NOT the loans. There's a column with pull down menu that has the Accept, Decline, No Change options. These are the funds that you can modify. The rest will be forwarded to your CARS account by the beggining of the Fall Semester. This is the case of the Cal Grant and/or Pell Grant, as well as the scholarships.</p>