Financial Packets To Be Mailed

<p>Just thought you guys might want to know. Financial packages are being mailed on Monday.</p>

<p>Thanks, i just hope i get in...:( now i'm getting nervous</p>

<p>Thanks, I was wondering about that.</p>

<p>Ah the suspense. Either I will receive it today or on Monday. I guess its not that bad considering I have been waiting for 7 months already!!! Whew it is finally over!!!</p>

<p>Acceptance received here. Does anyone have any info on financial aid? G'town doesn't seem very generous, and my daughter has full tuition waiver plus a living-costs grant elsewhere.</p>

<p>realy gtown isnt generous with aid? thats going to suck for me!!!!</p>

<p>Sure doesn't seem to be. And there's nothing on their web pages to suggest that they are. One of the problems is probably that their endowment is very small compared to other old East Coast universities of renown. No idea why that should be...</p>