Hello all,

I was told yesterday to expect financials in a week or so. The financials should show all 2022-2023 tuition, room, and board charges and all grants, scholarship, and need monies.


The Depaul Financial page came out today. It has all the updated 2022-2023 numbers in an easy-to-use calculator form and tailored to each individual student’s grants and scholarships.

No major increases of note. In fact, I would say they were under market.


Are you talking about a webpage or something that was emailed to prospective students?

Go to the Blue Demon Domain admissions portal. Enter it with username and password. Scroll down to “Additional Resources”. The first thing in that category is “View Financial Aid Hub”. When you open that, a pop up will say “Your Financial Aid Offer is Available” and a “Click here” in green lettering.

You can also continue scrolling down to “Financial Aid To-Do’s”. There is a “Bottom Line Calculator”. Another green button allows you to access the program.

I have noticed a discrepancy between room and board stated in the letter and the program. The letter has a higher number used than the program. It is about a $644.00 (in our case). I have no idea why unless it is calculating different room and board options than we entered in the calculator.


Thanks for the info. I’ll have to wait for my daughter to get home from school!

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Lucky you! My kid’s still says coming soon :thinking:

I was surprised to see it out yesterday. That was earlier than expected. I can only assume this is being done in stages and yours should be there very soon.

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My D got hers yesterday; there were no surprises based on what she told me. Haven’t viewed it myself yet.