Find this school for DD--school spirit, mountains/outdoors, Midwest/South, merit

Hi, DD (class of 22) lives in Ohio and I have been doing tons of searches but would love real world advice. Any colleges we aren’t thinking of?

Top 1% of class, 33 ACT, 34 superscored, 3.97 unweighted, lots of DA and AP, decent extrac. Looking for merit out of state or mid sized private to bring it down to 25k COA or under. Most likely doing Business Analytics/Finance/Data Science type.

She loves going to sporting events etc. Good chance she will attend Ohio State if she gets in but would love other options. Visited UofSC over Spring Break and really liked it. Alumni of IU but not really considering it due to cost.

All Ohio publics, UofSC, Kentucky, Clemson (probably out due to cost), Dayton, Xavier, U WV and Tennessee on list currently. She is a bit on introvert side so would love to find more of a mid-size that might offer cohort or Honor Business school. She loves mountains, being outdoors etc. West is too far. Looking to stay 8 hours or so from Cincinnati/Columbus.

Thanks so much for any suggestions and thanks!

My daughter is going to Clemson, business, 3.9 UGPA, 33 act, I think she got around $8500 but actually some FA due to having 2 siblings in college, but still close tom$40,000 a year (in state Rutgers is close to $35,000).

To be eligible to apply for the Stamps Scholars Program at the University of Missouri, a student must have at least a 32 ACT (or 1420 SAT), hold at least a 3.5 core GPA, and have applied to MU and the Honors College by December 1 .

@maryba James Madison in VA is not known for particularly strong merit aid across the board, but checks many of the other boxes.

If your D were to apply for and receive the Dingledine Scholarship it looks like the billable costs (tuition, fees, room, and board) would come close (about $3000 over) to the $25,000 mark you mention.

These two things are hard to reconcile. Yes, there are mountains east, but they aren’t really mountains. If she’d expand her range, Utah would be a great option. The MUSS is rabid about sports and she’d likely get good money. The access to outdoor activities in the mountains is unparalleled. It’s a direct flight from Cincinnati.

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As a Mizzou alum (go Tigers!) I like the rec, but there’s NO mountains anywhere around there. The closest one gets to the outdoors is hilly woods and river bluffs.

Thanks! We visited Clemson while in the area last summer and really liked it. We won’t get financial aid so appreciate your perspective since their stats are similar. Good luck to your daughter!

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Ha I get it on the mountains. Might throw in a West wildcard. Thanks!

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We really need to put Missouri on list. Appreciate it. Thanks!

Thanks KatMT. We really had not considered Virginia and Eastern colleges mainly due to cost will take a look at James Madison as I’ve heard wonderful things thanks so much.

Kind of a random one…Berry College in Georgia. Pretty different from most of her options (only 2k students), but it’s absolutely beautiful. Huge campus, tons of outdoor activities. They have a business program and an honors program and she should be able to get merit aid. Additionally, they guarantee every student on campus a job. Sports are small and less competitive but they have a loyal fanbase, and if she craves something bigger, it’s only a hour and a half from the falcons stadium.

WVU. Mountains takes some many out

She’s going to get into Ohio State so your list is fine if that’s where she’s going.

I could see adding a Duke or UNC Bit you want mountains. Or a WAKE which is close to mountains but smaller.

UGA too but not in the mountains.

UMASS maybe. School spirit and mountains within 8 hours of Cincinnati is really hard at that price in match and reach schools for those stats. Pitt maybe? Lots of schools in PA have mountains nearby but school spirit is kind of lacking. Temple maybe?

Look into Appalachian State University


I second this suggestion.

Also, you may want to check out the following:

University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Elon University in Elon, NC (it’s in the Piedmont, not the mountains, but still a nice part of the State)

I second this suggestion. I know a couple of young women who have been/are at JMU in business, and have really liked the school and its business programs.

If she would be open to a LAC, Sewanee is set on a mountain in Tennessee with a 13,000 acre campus. Gorgeous hogwarts-like campus, business major and business honor society. Episcopal roots, but I don’t think it’s overly religious.

Bucknell in PA is a little larger than a LAC, strong in business and set in a rural and rather mountainous area. Work hard/play hard, prevalent Greek life.

OP shared: “she will attend Ohio State if she gets in”.

Applicant has a 33/34 ACT, 3.97 uw GPA, top (1%) one percent of class, Ohio resident.

The applicant is almost certain to be admitted to Ohio State.

Judging by the mountains found in Columbus, Ohio, my thought is that COA is the real determinant factor for OP, not mountains. Maybe OP should be asking for schools which offer the intended majors (business analytics, finance, & data science) at which the applicant is likely to receive substantial merit scholarship money.

That may be true, but criteria of mountain setting within eight hours of home, solid business major, and affordability MAY not be mutually exclusive (Unless, of course, only Western mountains will do).

I think, there’s no harm in the question any more than any asked here on CC. We’re here to explore possibilities, pass on information and help each other in any way we can. If there could be great fit options for OP’s D with altitudes higher than Columbus, why not?

Montana State, UMontana, UUtah if the distance criteria can be relaxed.
Seconding App State and WVU (honors college), look into UT Chatanooga (Honors), Sewanee, UNC Asheville, UScranton. All likely to provide merit.