Finding AP Music Theory Testing Center


I was wondering if any of you know of a testing center for AP Music Theory this year. I have spent hours searching the AP course ledger for centers offering it but have been unable to find a single one. A lot of the ones that had offered it 2019-2020 season have decided not to host it this year. Others, I have had trouble contacting or do not allow outside testing. At this point, I’m worried that exam registration will end before I find a place where to take it. The Corona virus situation and AP Music Theory’s relatively low popularity seem to be a bad match together :frowning:

For reference, I’m a San Jose, NorCal resident.

Thank you!


You have a number of factors working against you.

First, you need to find a school that actually offers AP Music Theory which relatively few do. Since the exam requires special equipment, it’s nit as simple as just ordering another exam. Here’s a starting point for you:;searchType=1;query=AP%20Music%20Theory

Second, schools are under no obligation to allow outside testers. And with current safety protocols, many are limiting access to their own students.

So unless someone here is also facing the same challenge and found a center willing to accomodate, you’re just going to have to call around.

Good luck.

My son is having the same issue. His school can not order the exam for AP Music Theory. We spent many hours try to find a school in New Jersey, but no schools wanted to order the exam for him as an outsider. If college board know the difficulties that many schools are facing for this AP exam, they should coordinate with certain local music school to host the exam officially.

The CB knows. The CB also is not a fan of students not taking the class and then trying to take the exam, so they have no interest in aiding students trying to do so.

Now if the student is taking the class via VHS, or similar, the provider should figure out how its students can take the test.

Thank you for your replies! I BARELY managed to find a location near me. We had to call around 30 or so schools. Only one responded yes(a relatively newly established organization) and there was a confirmation hassle: a LOT of back and forth emails and phone calls. One moment we were on the waitlist and the other moment there was space. Lots of stress but I finally got an AP exam code. :))