Finding internships

How the heck do I even start with finding an internship? I’m on a gap year, considering some sort of STEM major, so I want to find an internship related to that. Who will take me with such little experience? I’ve taking AP math and science classes but that’s about it. Any help is much appreciated!

It is a difficult year for internships all around. It is tough to even get an unrelated-to-your-major volunteer gig in most places.

I would talk to your high school STEM teachers and your high school guidance department. Just tell them you’re looking.

If you know where you will be matriculating next fall, you might try to connect with that college’s resources.

If all else fails, get a paying job… any paying job you can. It will teach some basic, but important important life skills, it puts some money in your pocket for college, and it looks far better than sitting around on a couch.

Unless you get very, very lucky, it will be difficult to land a STEM based internship as a gap year pre-frosh unless you/your family has connections to someone who can help you. That being said, I wouldn’t worry about getting this type of internship at this point. Opportunities will open up when you attend college. In the meantime, there is a lot to be said for learning life skills and appreciating how most Americans live/work by taking any number of entry level hourly jobs.

Start with who you know. Who do your parents, teachers and adults in your life know? What do your friend’s parents do? Any leads there?
My daughter was looking for an internship in May and we all sat down and came up with a surprisingly hefty list of contacts for her to reach out to. Keep an open mind and stay positive. You just never know!