Finding it hard to find a reason not to buy new Kindle Fire for $99

<p>At that price, it's practically disposable. I already have Amazon Prime, so that as an added expense is not a consideration. </p>

<p>I'm using a four year old IPad 2, for which I spent over $700, and was thinking about replacing it with a pricey new iPad. But then I saw the new Fire. I'm wondering if 6" will be too small, and whether I should bump it up for a few dollars more to the 7"--about the size of an iPad mini. </p>

<p>But the price is hard to beat, and if I don't like it, one of my kids can have it. </p>

<p>This is what Bezos should have done with a cell phone, instead of his dopey Fire phone--major fail. </p>

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<p>Man, I already have a kindle fire HD (8.9") but I’m really tempted at this price. Even though I’m not sure what I’d do with another one! </p>

<p>I like the Kindle Paperwhite, myself! I like the anti-glare feature. Much easier on the eyes.</p>

<p>I have the paperwork also. That is what I use for reading, especially for when I’m travelling. Use the Kindle fire for internet (typing this on it), games, watching movies etc. I had intended to replace my little netbook with a small laptop but find the Kindle meets most of my needs now I’m not using excel and word so much. </p>

<p>Never mind, I thought the link was for something else.</p>

<p>Paperwhite not paperwork (post #3). That’s one thing I don’t like on my Kindle - the autocorrect. Kind of funny it corrected paperwhite though.</p>

<p>Could someone explain how this is different than a Kindle Fire HD?</p>

<p>How about because Amazon is monopolizing the publishing industry?</p>

<p>Put a second crack in my iPad 2 screen today :-(. Does anyone know if you can install Swype on the
Kindle Fire?</p>

<p>Is the $99 Kindle Fire the HD model? When we bought our Kindle Fire two years ago, we looked at HD vs. non-HD side by side, and instantly chose the HD model–the difference was very noticeable.</p>

<p>When my Kindle (gen 2 ) died last spring I was all set to splurge and get an IPad. Then I saw a refurbed Fire on Amazon for less than $90 and decided to get that. A few weeks later I was starting to think about reading on the beach and got a refurbed paperwhite for around $50. I am very happy with both purchases and glad I did not spring for the Ipad </p>

<p>So someone tell me what the Kindle Fire can do that I might want. </p>

<p>(I didn’t mean that to sound sarcastic; I really want to know.)</p>

<p>Because I’d rather amazon not know everything about me? (And I don’t like their DRM policy.)</p>

<p>The kindle fire is good for consuming media - reading books, watching videos & movies, browsing. It’s not as good at producing - its soft keyboard us not that good and I turn off autocorrect because it’s so annoying.
It’s terrible, imo, at any kind of productivity. The apps & games available are a subset of the android market, and often lag behind in terms of updates.
It’s good at creating a “safe” kids environment. If you like the amazon ecosystem its very convenient and nice to use. Customer support is great during the warranty period.</p>

<p>I really need something larger for reading in bed than my phone. However my iPad is too big, because then I need my glasses. The iPad mini is also too big to read comfortably without glasses, ( I hold it at the end of my nose), but when I went to demo a Kindle, the only one working was a Fire HDX, but I already have an iPad3.</p>

<p>I’ve seen the entry level Kindle, but that took an excruciating amount of time to turn a page. I really wanted to look at the paperwhite, to see if it had the same issue.<br>
Now I see that the Voyage seems like the one to get, and it is smaller than the iPad mini, so it may suit my needs just fine. But if I preorder now, I wouldn’t get it till December, so I may hold off until I can see one for myself. ( I am also curious to see if a new iPad mini will be announced next month)
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<p>As a proud owner of a tablet as well as a smart phone, I will say that my favorite gadget of all time is the Kindle Paperwhite. I really think if you are looking for something for reading it is leaps and bounds better than a tablet.</p>

<p>The pages in the Paperwhite “turn” quickly. And you just have to tap anywhere on the right side of the page. I need only one hand to hold the Paperwhite and turn the page.</p>

<p>^^^Same here - I read one-handed all the time!</p>

<p>Kindle Fire HD also turns pages very quickly</p>

<p>I’m bumping this thread up because of this very positive article in today’s Wall Street Journal:</p>

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