FInding QuestBridge College Fits


I’m an international HS Senior who is applying for QuestBridge National College Match - and really looking for some advice and evaluations outside my own family. National College Match is basically a program that allows you to apply to up-to-12 colleges for early decision for a full scholarship (and I’m hoping for the best that I could make it in the program), so I want to rule out the financial factor and acceptance rate here, and just look for the colleges (in a pretty limited list I would put down below) that satisfy those 4 (or most of the 4) ideal conditions (in order of importance):

1). Urban or with easy access to a major city
As someone who had spent 4 years in a midwest suburb, I’m looking for something different for my college experience. It doesn’t necessarily have to be inside a city or with walkable distance (although those do sound exciting). Something with a convenient way of daily transportation (train, bus, etc.) would be just as great.

2). Open choices of curriculum
I don’t have a clear goal for my future career just yet, so I figure that a school that’s more well-rounded, with more flexibility and chances exploring between different areas of studies would be better!

3). Undergraduate focus
I consider myself more suitable for a LAC, but it doesn’t have to be. Any college with an at least equal focus on undergraduate class experience than graduate (not overwhelmingly taught by TAs, not too many big classes over 50 or 100 students) would be good.

4). Leaning toward humanities
Although I said that I don’t have a clear goal (kinda clueless in fact), I do know that I’m more interested in areas such as humanities, communications, education, social sciences, and theatre, so I hope I could find a school with more strengths on these areas than to STEM. Equal concentration is OK, but maybe not reverse.

List of QB Colleges that I’m more interested in (that accept international students for Match)
Amherst College
Yale University
Brown University
Claremont McKenna College
Columbia University
Wesleyan University
Haverford College
Northwestern University
Pomona College
Swarthmore College
Tufts University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
Vanderbilt University

Thank you so much if you read it through here! Any suggestions would be appreciated!