Finding roommates while waiting on waitlists

I have committed to Cal Poly Slo for 2025. I love the school, but I was waitlisted at 7 other schools. There are 5 that I joined (Cornell, Grinnell, UC Berkeley, UCSD, and UC Davis). I would probably choose all, idk abt Davis, over Cal Poly if I got in, but none of them are sure things so I don’t know what to do about housing at Cal Poly. I don’t want to leave a roommate hanging if I happen to get off the waitlist somewhere, but if I don’t, I still want to choose a roommate because I don’t want to do random. The housing app is due Friday, and waitlists are not going to get back to me by then, so what should I do?


Look for a roommate and be upfront with them about the waiting list situation. Many many people are on them this year so you may well find someone in the same boat. Or you can go random but I tend to think basic screening questions for someone you will live with are a good idea!

Ya I told my roomie that I have waitlists and she has one too so it worked out! Thank you :)))

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