Finding textbooks

<p>I used the bookstore's feature to look up textbooks for my classes, but one of the classes doesn't have a textbook listed. Is there anywhere else I could search for it? When will it be updated?</p>

<p>i depends on what class. try looking in the registrar for PAST classes (winter 2010, spring 2010). if the class was offered and the prof is the same, then most likely, s/he will use the same book(s). you can also email the prof; most reply back in a day or 2.</p>

<p>I would rather wait until it's actually up. You don't wanna end up buying the wrong edition. Though, I suppose emailing the prof isn't a bad idea... though sometimes, it takes forever for them to respond.</p>

<p>(Personally, I never buy the books until after a couple days of class to know if I need the book or not. Or I buy and if I need it, I return it and buy it from someone used.)</p>

<p>get it online. it beats beating a trip to the store, and its a lot cheaper. i'm sure someone out there is selling there book</p>

<p>Oh yea, you can use to buy books. (Yes, there's a books section.) Generally, you would do an exchange when you get on campus. It's cheaper in a sense that you don't have to pay for shipping.</p>