finding these act tests

<p>so the december test date is only a few days away now and my practice tests in the pr and real act book are showing that im still in the 28-29 range. im really trying to bump up my 28 (from my last test) to a 32 or a 31 at least. </p>

<p>i have an older barrons book like a late 90s edition and an arco and petersons in addition to my pr and real act books. </p>

<p>also, on my first practice test in the real act book i got a 33. which was a huge outlier compared to most of my other tests where i normally got 29s composite. anyone else do reallly well on the first test?</p>

<p>so whats my strategy from here up to the test date? a mentor who got like 1500 on the original sat told me that the best way to do well on these standardized tests is to keep taking practice tests and learn the test. do i follow this and keep taking more tests and if so which ones are the most accurate?</p>

<p>also does using older editions for review, like my barrons which is a 98 version, still good to use or is it bad?</p>

<p>Well... I think that your mentor's right. Taking the tests AND going over the answers (looking up the wrong answers' explanation and all that) is the best way to practice.. If you haven't exhausted the Real ACT and Pr yet, save those tests up for another time... while i'm pretty sure that both barrons and arco is more difficult than the real one. I'm not quite sure about peterson's because I tried it and in some tests they were pretty close while in some others they were way off.</p>