Finding your way at SDSU or Cal Poly Slo

I have a choice to make this week. I do not know what field I want to pursue and have been accepted to SLO and SDSU i in Communications. I know I do not want a technical degree and am more interested in Liberal Arts. Does anyone have any recommendations between the two schools for someone like me looking to find my path?

Have you visited both schools since they have completely different vibes? I would pick the school which fits you academically/socially and financially. A Happy student= Successful student

Yes I have. I know they are very different but I think I would like both for different reasons. My most important criteria i are program flexibility, internship opportunities and studies abroad. Currently leaning towards SDSU. Thoughts?

Regarding program flexibility, I would compare each schools 4 year class schedule to see which program would be best.

For Study abroad, SDSU ranks in the top 25 universities nationwide, and third in California, for students studying abroad as part of their college experience and the SDSU alumni network is very strong for internship/job opportunities.

SLO also has very good internship opportunities, but I am not sure about study abroad programs. It may be major dependent since my niece is not too impressed with her study abroad options as an Environmental Soil Science major.

Here is the link for SDSU My map which shows your 4 year class schedule for SDSU:!mymap.disp
You need to choose 2015 (2016 not available yet) and your major

Here is SLO’s flow chart:

Study abroad at SDSU - So far, my kid has had a very positive experience with State’s program. They’ve spent many months preparing his cohort for their trip, so they feel prepared. The curriculum at the university where they’ll be attending is top notch, and everyone has been extremely helpful. When you decide whether to attend SDSU or Cal Poly, if you don’t have one, get your passport as soon as possible so you will have one step out of the way.