Finincial Age - Citizenship Documentation Required

<p>EDIT: Financial Aid, sorry typo.</p>

<p>When I checked BuzzPort, it said that they need citizenship documentation. My parents were naturalized when I was younger so maybe that is the problem? But anyways, how do I go about confirming my citizenship?</p>

<p>Were you born in the US? If so, then submitting a copy of your birth certificate would confirm citizenship. If you weren't born in the US are you sure you are a citizen? Did your parents request citizenship for you when they requested naturalized citizenship for themselves (I don't know whether citizenship would automatically convey to offspring).</p>

<p>This requirement came into affect last year in GA. We have Green cards and D had to provide a copy of her card. Your driver's license may be sufficient. There is probably a list of acceptable docs on admissions website. Or give admissions a call.</p>

<p>Chris- If the Op's parents were naturalized before he turned 18, he (or she) is also a US citizen.</p>