Finishing finance classes- econ minor or accounting?

<p>I tried searching for this but its hard to weed through all the topics..</p>

<p>So I'm a Bus Admin major and my emphasis is on finance- I've taken two courses in it already, I just need 3 to go. I have extra space for the rest of my final year to fit in some classes.</p>

<p>Finance supplement: accounting concentration or econ minor?</p>

<p>My brother told me to go accounting as well as some people in my finance classes, but some other friends and my academic advisor told me to go economics.</p>

<p>I know it's ultimately up to me, but I'm looking for a consequential answer. Will accounting or econ supplement my finance classes better- for jobs and such.</p>

<p>Thanks all.</p>

<p>majority of people in my school go through the finance + accounting route, there are alot more overlaps. i'm very biased here, i'm going through the same dilemma: except i only need two extra courses for an econ minor and three for finance (i'm an accounting concentration bsba... so business admin degree like you with conc's) but i HATE econ with a passion ever since i took intermediate micro... </p>

<p>accounting is just useful to know in any industry of business you go into. it's really the mechanics and underlying fundamentals of a business you never really acknowledge until you study accounting more throughly!</p>

<p>plus with the fluctuating economy, i feel like accounting is a stable job in any market... people always need accountants.</p>

<p>accounting, especially if you've already taken the intermediate econ courses</p>

<p>yeah i would go with accounting</p>

<p>I see.. just talked to my dad about it two days ago and he just told me "why don't you just do both?" haha.. </p>

<p>but yeah I switched two of my econ courses to accounting, and yes I have taken a couple (2) intermediate econ courses.</p>

<p>Having 3-4 classes in accounting (not including lower division accounting) isnt enough to snag me a job in that field though huh..?</p>

<p>What kind of jobs are you hoping for?</p>