Finishing in 3-years

Hi. I know it is technically possible to finish Rose in 3-years. Does it ever happen?

I don’t know anyone that did it (graduated 2013), but it’s probably possible if you come in with a lot of AP credit. I graduated in 3 years and one quarter and I came in with Calc 1&2, Chem 1&2&3, a few humanities courses, and I got credit for a few language courses by testing out. If you come in with a lot of credits and don’t mind pushing your course load above “full-time” a couple quarters if necessary then I think it’s doable.

One issue that such a compressed schedule introduces is finding classes - if you’re trying to jam everything in, conflicts between class times or course availability becomes more of an issue. Many majors at Rose also have extensive senior capstone course sequences (in EE it was a year long), so be aware of that.

If you’re trying to do it in 3 years to save money, I would probably advise against that route if you have a cheaper college option. An engineering workload is no joke, and going into an engineering program counting on being able to cram all of your courses into 3 years doesn’t allow much room for error in scheduling or much flexibility to try out different subjects and degrees. If you have the option I think taking courses outside of your major, taking the upper level electives you want, etc., are a really beneficial part of college that you might lose if you feel like you’re under the gun to finish in 3 years. Just my opinion!

My D and two of her friends graduated in 2015 in three years even. They all had loads of AP credit and took AMP the five weeks before starting. Two of the three stayed a fourth year and got their masters. As above poster noted, this is not typical. It requires a ton of work, overloading credits, schedule logistics, and a bit of luck to have everything work out.