FinTech & political science double major?

Currently a fintech major (under computer science). Only picked this cause everyone advised me to. Classmates and teachers (not my academic advisers) advised me to second major in computer science, information systems etc, but I personally want to study political science.
I want to go into technology law and intellectual property or alternate finance (basically like e-payment etc), but would a political science major be a misfit with what I’m currently studying. Should I just listen to my gut or am I really making the wrong choice?
Sorry for the poor English, not my first language.

Most people’s advice about what majors to select is not based on any data, but rather based on their own opinions about employment prospects for certain majors and what they’ve “heard” from other people. My guess is that this is what’s underlying the recommendation that you major in fintech - it’s finance + tech/data science, which are high on the list of fields people think of when they think of career fields with stability, lots of openings and high salaries. Your classmates, in particular, almost certainly know just as much as you (if not less) about the job market and potential careers.

Here’s the thing, though: again, most of that isn’t based on any data, even anecdotal data, because most people are not aware of the very wide range of careers that exist in other areas. If you’re interested in IP and technology law, political science can be an excellent major to pair with fintech - the combination could make you ripe for pursuing a career fighting cybercrime and financial crime, two BIG areas of interest and investment for the federal government (the U.S. Secret Service was actually founded to combat financial crimes and it’s still a big part of their mission, for example).

And there’s also something to be said for studying something just because you like it.

So if you want to add a second major in poli sci, go for it!

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