fire drill crisis during the exam

<p>the fire alarm went off during the exam. 2 minutes into the ssay portion of ap language. now they have to have make this long lengthy report to CB about it. i hope my test isnt voided</p>

<p>Have fun at the retake!</p>

<p>What? I took it and the fire alarm and earthquake alarm went off during our essays and we didn't even get any extra time! It only lasted a few minutes, tho. Plus, there was something wrong with the pipes in the room I think, because every time the faucet got turned on in the bathroom next to us, there was a really loud whooshing sound until it turned off. Man, that was the test from h**<em>. I did really cra</em>py.</p>

<p>retakes probably.</p>

<p>retake DEFINITELY have fun they r serious</p>

<p>my school had a bomb threat -.- luckily we weren't taking the test on campus</p>

<p>the counselors and everyone were not concerned about us having to retake it. the fire thing was 40 minutes and we were 2 minutes into essays....are you guys serious.</p>