fired, seeking employment or other options

<p>im a UCLA grad with a degree in ChemE, i worked for a small company for about six months, but i just got fired. this was my first real job. </p>

<p>During my time there, I have learned a ton, such as electrical engineering, controls, hands on skills, and what problem solving is. Enjoying the workplace. </p>

<p>Will it be possible for me to find another job? How can I do this because i've been fired?</p>

<p>Since this is anonymous, why were you fired? You're next employer will want to know.</p>

<p>Were you lay off due to economic condition or actually fired due to issues at work?</p>

<p>my boss claimed "under performance" because she designed a task that i had no possible way of finishing, with the primary objective of firing me. Although the real reason is because i made a costly calculation mistake. My boss gave me too much leverage when i first started.</p>

<p>First, find out what your former employers policy is when it comes future job recommendations/reference calls. Many employers have a policy that they will only confirm dates of employment, position and salary. Others will divulge the reasons you were terminated.</p>

<p>Secondly, get on Linkedin. Be as aggressive as you can, make 3 network connections a day with people in recruitment. </p>

<p>Maybe consider a change of pace for awhile. Look into Pharma Sales positions, you are an ideal candidate and you might enjoy the change of mission. These employers are also less likely to care about your previous situation, because your responsibilities will be much different.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>