First Aid courses

<p>Nation</a> & World | Infant drowns in Des Moines apartment | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

<p>I don't link this because I want to blame the mom-
However- while I was reading it, I was remembering being 23 and having a new baby in the house myself.
I had taken a first aid course before I brought her home from the NICU, but that was because it was required, not because I would have thought of it otherwise.
I think that a refresher course in first aid ( to reinforce) common sense, is good for all of us and one that covers large scale emergencies is even better.</p>

<p>( I think that the information included in an infant/child first aid course, would have reinforced the knowledge that young children should never be left alone, particulary in a dangerous situation.)
American</a> Red Cross - Preparing Communities for an Emergency and Keeping People Safe - Preparedness</p>

<p>Hoping this will get us to do this regularly.</p>

<p>EK, </p>

<p>Good post! I have renewed First Aid/CPR for years when my kids were in scouts but I confess to letting it lapse lately. Years ago, one of my kids was choking and a neighbor trained in CPR managed to assist thank goodness. I knew what to do but I was a little panicked. </p>

<p>When DS was younger he had a friend injured skateboarding. He had called the kids Mom at work, called an ambulance and triaged the kid (both 13 year olds) before the ambulance or any adult showed up. Thanks to all those years of Boy Scout first aid. </p>

<p>I remember hearing the 911 tapes when the young child drowned at Pamela Anderson's years ago. I kept thinking that if anyone there had CPR they might have saved that child. </p>

<p>Okay, so at least you got me to go get renewed.<br>