First and Last SAT Scores

<p>Post your first SAT Score you got whether it was a practice or actual test, how much you studied, and then your last/current score.</p>

<p>I'll be first - First (Practice test): 1870, Current (actual SAT Score): 2010, and probably like three months of occasional studying</p>

<p>First was a diagnostic (Barron's) and I got something like 2150. Last was in December, 2360. It took about 6 months and 24+ practice tests.</p>

<p>First one: June of junior year. 800 reading 600 math 740 writing (2140)</p>

<p>Last one: Dec of senior year. 800 reading 630 math 800 writing (2230)</p>

<p>Didn't study, think I just got lucky. I registered suuuuper last minute and ran out of time (read: was too lazy and disorganized) to study, so just tried to focus during the test. That was hard for me because I zone out a lot but I really think it helped me avoid careless errors in the writing section.</p>

<p>And damn congrats cheerios, looks like that work really paid off! That's awesome! :)</p>

<p>Diagnostic test, end of sophomore year: ~2100</p>

<p>10 practice tests later...</p>

<p>SAT, this october, junior year: 2380 (780 CR)</p>

<p>moral of the story is, take practice tests.</p>

<p>First score was from the Jan 2011 test. I got 1850 after 1 month of prep with only the Barron's SAT book.</p>

<p>Current Score :2100 (Nov SAT 2011) studied fro 3 months using BB, Barron's, Gruber's Direct Hits, and 15 practice tests.</p>

<p>Resitting in Jan hoping for at least 2200</p>

<p>Do you guys take the practice tests on the weekends and review the answers during the week? Also, what sources do you use? I'm almost finished with the blue book.</p>

<p>First (may junior year) with absolutely no studying: 640 CR, 640 M, 620 W (1900)
Last (dec senior year) with a few practice tests done: 760 CR, 640 M, 700 W (2100)</p>

<p>I really wish I would have studied more. Though I think I just got really unlucky with math since I was hitting 700+ in it during the practice tests. Pretty proud of that CR score though.</p>

<p>No studying October test 1630.
One month studying Nov test 1730.
One more month studying Dec test 1940. ( Now can't take anymore, however I wish :()
Did direct hits plus memorised every new vocab I got across while taking tests. Did practice tests only from Collegeboard sources. Blue book and online course and found a few others on internet for free. That's it. Now gonna take subject tests in Jan...</p>

<p>First w/ no study (Blue book diagnostic), 1870.
Current (Blue book), 2060.
Studied for 2 months during summer vacation.</p>

<p>First Diagnostic in July(with no idea of how the SAT was supposed to be)- 1830
Actual Test in December(not much prep, just 4-5 practice tests)- 2210</p>

<p>First test - March offering no prep or knowledge of what was on the test - 2040
Last test - December offering with a little bit of prep - 2210</p>

<p>~15-20 practice tests,
Oct 2011: 750M 790W 690CR</p>

<p>no studying in between</p>

<p>Dec 2011: 770M, 750CR, 690W (lol -__-)</p>

<p>Superscored 2310 =D</p>

<p>EDIT: What helped was that I took the test more calmly the next time, and didn't worry as much</p>

<p>Mines probably the worst...</p>

<p>First time (in 9th grade) : 1780</p>

<p>December 2011 SAT (junior): 2230</p>

<p>Still hoping for a 2350+</p>

<p>Didn't take the real one yet, but just BB and Online Course tests.</p>

<p>Start: 2050
10 Tests Later: 2200
15 Tests Later (After real hard studying a understanding methods and vocab etc..) 2380!</p>

<p>I have 5 more practice tests available and my real SAT is in Jan...wish me luck!</p>