First Chances Thread!

<p>SAT I: 1410 (retake Nov. but prob wont make it)
SAT II: Taking Writing, Chemistry, and Math IIC in October.
G.P.A.: 4.00 UW
Class rank: 1/170
First Generation College </p>

<p>I'll have amassed over 50 credit hours from a Division I University (University of Akron) by graduation. </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Ultracapacitor Research with Case Western Reserve
Independent fuel cell research on Fuel Cells
Volunteer at Hospital
German Club-vice preseident
Buckeye Boys State Delegate (2 from school)
Science/Math Club
Baseball-JV (had to quit due to college courses)
Case Western Reserve battery powered car contest, 1st place past two years
Deans List </p>

Landscape, Web designer in the past
Restaurant work (2002-2004) 20 hours/week
Sales Associate (just started) ~15-20 hours/week </p>

<p>Good recs, essays<br>
Out of State</p>



<p>you're in i do say</p>

<p>You have an excellent chance. Over 75% chance of getting in.</p>