First-choice institution for National Merit Scholarship

It seems a lot of schools that give out scholarships for NMS require you to indicate them as the first-choice institution. How about I want to use it to get full ride for my state university and also want to try to see if I can use it to get some scholarship from a reach school. Does it mean I can only get one and have to give up the other one since I can only include one school as the first-choice institution?

Thank you!

Many schools don’t require you to list them as first choice until after you are accepted. There are a few, however, that require you to designate them as first choice in Feb/Mar.

This thread might help. National Merit Scholarship First Choice School

Edit to tag @amsunshine if she is still around. She knows a lot about first choice deadlines. You can also try to read through last year’s thread where a lot of questions were discussed. Class of 2021 National Merit Thread - #230 by QQsubs

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