First Contact with my Roomate

<p>In another month, I will begin my freshman year in college. I present here a two-part question. The first part: {My roommate just contacted me via telephone, just to say hello. We spoke very little, and he seems like a nice guy (thus far), but I really know almost nothing about him, except that his name is Neil. I think it may feel a bit awkward to show up at my dorm room with neither of us knowing anything even remotely substantial about the other. Therefore, I am considering contacting him via E-mail in order to tell him a bit more about myself (a.k.a: my major, etc.), and ask him related questions about himself. Is this a good idea, or would it be better to find out more about each other when we meet in person? If it is indeed generally preferable to send an E-mail, then how should I format it (should it be friendly and casual, or a bit more formal)? If you could provide me some form of an outline of the ideal first E-mail to send to your roommate-to-be, I would greatly appreciate it.} This is the second part of my question: {When I do arrive at my dorm room and start to unpack my stuff, what if each of us brings a television, refrigerator, etc.? I know this may make sense for some equipment and appliances, such as desktop computers, laptops, etc., but should we really have two, for example, televisions? And if not, then how do we determine whose television we will both use?} Thank you for your time.

<p>you guys need to decide who is bringing what (whether by e-mail or phone, it's not going to matter) -- your room will be small and 2 refridgerators, 2 microwaves and 2 televisions are not going to work. Also, you're assuming that your roommate is going to bring all of these things as well -- what if they weren't planning on bringing anything at all? It's something you guys need to discuss -- find out who has what and what you're each willing to bring</p>

<p>just make it a casual email. u are not talking to some professor but ur classmate.</p>

<p>You seem to be overanalyzing this to much. He's probably in the same boat you are in; just email him telling your interests, what you plan to bring, and anything extra you feel is important.</p>

<p>You want to find out more about him but feel awkward asking? That's what facebook is for.</p>

<p>You want to make sure you don't bring the same stuff. Talk to him about it.</p>

<p>really simple as that</p>

<p>lighten up a little. just ask what he wants to bring. split it so you're each paying the same amount.</p>

<p>or make him pay more - if he's willing to do it, why not? </p>

<p>seriously though just talk to him, he's probably wondering the exact same thing</p>

<p>Be casual, friendly. You're a couple of 18-year-old college kids, not business associates =). Decide who's bringing what, ask him what he's done over the summer, talk a little about where each of you is from. It's good to want to get to know him a little before meeting face-to-face, but if you exchange life stories before move-in day, then you'll have nothing to talk about the first few days on campus, when you'll feel a little uneasy about approaching other strangers and just talking to them. Your roomie is who you'll spend the most time with that first couple of days, so you want to have things to talk about. That's the approach I've taken with my roomie. We've talked via Myspace about who's bringing what and a little about what've we've been doing this summer. It hasn't been a big deal, it doesn't need to be. </p>

<p>I DO recommend e-mail, Facebook, or Myspace, that way you can say what you want to say and be done with it. It is awkward forcing conversation with someone you don't know, but if you aren't on the phone then you don't have to deal with weird silences when neither of you is sure what to say next. Just be friendly, be open to suggestions, and be yourself!</p>

<p>This is cute</p>

<p>just IM him. That's what I did with my 3 roommates, we made a chatroom and everything turned out alright we decided what to bring and everything, and we had a great year.</p>

<p>just talk to him normally, over the internet if you like. Your gonna be living with him so dont feel embarassed.</p>

<p>My first contact with my roomie was a myspace message. I took one of those cheesy little surveys that everyone posts in bulletin form with little blurbs and sent it to him. He sent it back, and the ice was broken!</p>

<p>i first talked to my roommate yesterday by phone...he just said whats up and to see what im bringing. that was it. he seems cool but either way iwe're in a 2 bedroom apt so its not the same</p>

<p>for those with multiple roommates: </p>

<p>how about starting a private facebook group with just your future roommates in it?
that way forum topics can be "need to know questions" - like allergies & other medical issues, or whatever, plus "whos bringing what" etc</p>