First generation? Anyone?

I’m not sure whether or not I qualify as a first generation so feedback is appreciated. Neither of my parents have gotten college degrees (They never even attended high school). However, my sister graduated from college a couple of years ago (not sure when). I’ve been hearing mixed answers about this. Like it varies from school to school, yes’ and no’s. I would just like a little bit of clarification.

There is no “First Generation” checkbox in any college app. It asks for your parents’ level of education (not siblings). How the college applies that info is up to them.

But in your case, your sister’s degree won’t affect you: first gen extrapolation is about how much education background you grew up encased in due to your parents’ experiences. Unless your sister was your guardian for your life, her fortune doesn’t affect you.

Agree with @T26E4
Although “first generation” definition does vary by college and/or program, I’ve never seen a case where your siblings’ educational attainment matters.

Thank you, this certainly cleared up my confusion surrounding this topic.